Waste Paper Recycling

As a global leader in corrugated case making materials, we have a global raw material supply chain. We consume over 6 million tons of recyclable old corrugated containers (OCC) a year.

To facilitate purchase and delivery of OCC, we have created recovered paper operations around the world to ensure our suppliers are provided professional service and the Group receives a continual flow of the valuable raw material.

Our buying agents receive OCC directly from recovered paper collectors, supermarkets, local authorities and retailers and ship the material through our own freight forwarding operations, thus ensuring fast and efficient collection and compliance with all relevant legislations. They are all licensed by authorities in different jurisdictions and staffed with local personnel experienced in providing international service.

In China, we operate over 50 recovered paper collection and baling plants. These operations complement our global purchasing organisation and provide quality local material for our mill operations.

If you are interested in supplying OCC to our paper mills, please contact our office or buying agents nearest to you.