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Li Yunqiang polytechnic experiment building

2012/09/25, the Li Yun Qiang Polytechnic Experiment building donated by our founder Mr Li Yun Qiang to Hai nan University officially opened.

Li Yunqiang teaching

Our managing director Mr. Li Wen Bin generously donated RMB 27 million towards the development of Hong Kong Lingnan University’s teaching building. Lingnan University will name the main building after Mr. Li Wen Bin’s father Mr. Li Yun Qiang. The Li Yun Qiang teaching building is a campus landmark and the four storey building will house a library, art gallery, lecture hall, classrooms, computer LABS and the administration office.

Li Wenbin grants

Mr Li Wenbin generously donated to lingnan university in 2009 and set up the [Li Wenbin grants], benefitting many students.

Li Qiang school

By Mr Li wenjun donated more than RMB 3 million to build the Jiaji middle school "Li Qiang Academy". The RMB 6.4 million school occupies an area of 6666 square meters, a total construction area of 10008 square meters. The main building has 4 storeys, the north and south wing have three storeys. The square between the main building and north and south wings can accommodate approximately 4000 people for theatrical performances. The main building houses 60 classrooms, 4 multi-function classrooms, 6 teacher preparation rooms, and a multi-function hall.

The social caring activities of employees


In 2008, guangdong bedding article 5.12 wenchuan earthquake all the staff to the wenchuan earthquake disaster areas offer the compassion activity, to help the disaster areas to rebuild their homes as soon as possible, as soon as possible through the disaster.


GuangDong-HK Internship Programme 2017-2018

 The Government of the HKSAR Home Affairs Bureau, the Commission on Youth, the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office of the People's Government of Guangdong Province have jointly organised the Guangdong-Hong Kong Internship Programme.
The Internship Programme is implemented by various organisations with support from numerous enterprises. A wide diversity of job positions has been offered for internships, embracing different professions and industries. Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited offers the job positions to this Programme.

For details, please visit:
Hong Kong New Youth Energy Think Tank: (Chinese version only)
Commission on Youth:

For enrollment:
  1. send your resume to
  2. scan the QR code and fill in the form

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Chinese version only

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