Our HK Principal Office will be relocated to 39th Floor, Lee & Man Commercial Center, 169 Electric Road, North Point, Hong Kong on 18 February 2023

About Lee & Man

Established in 1994, Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Ltd (“Lee & Man Paper”) has grown from a small company into a world leading paper and pulp manufacturer. On 26 September 2003, the Group was listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (Stock code: 02314). The Group manufactures linerboards of various grades and corrugating medium of different specifications used for different industrial packaging purposes. Over the years, in addition to boosting production scale, the Group has been relentless in pushing to form a vertically integrated operation that covers pulp making and recovered paper collection so as to assure it has stable raw material supply.

The group currently has 5 paper mills , 3 tissue mills and 1 pulp factory in China. They are distributed in Zhongtang Town and Hongmei Town of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Changshu City, Chongqing Yongchuan District, Ruichang City, Jiangxi Province, etc.In addition, the group also has production bases in Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries. Dedicated to offering the best quality products at reasonable prices, the Group sees the need to continuously invest in machineries and R&D. Up to now, we have become a multinational enterprise with an annual capacity of more than 7.385 million tons (of which, packing paper capacity is about 6.48 million tons, pulp capacity is about 180,000 tons, toilet paper capacity is about 725,000 tons).

In addition to building an effective and viable business, Lee & Man Paper also sees that it has responsibility towards the society, particularly in protecting the environment. Thus, it has continually invested in implementing appropriate measures and these efforts have not gone unnoticed. Its plants have received many international quality and environmental management certifications.






(million tons)

Talents are the cornerstone of our development; the market is the driving force of our development; the future is the hope of our development; the 21st century is the information age, the era of talent competition......


Environmental protection is a corporate responsibility and a lifeline of an enterprise! Environmental protection is a premise for the existence and development of an enterprise. The performance in environmental protection work not only affects the corporate image but also affects the existence and development of an enterprise. An enterprise can lead a way to sustainable development only by protecting the environment. Against this background, we place equal emphasis on increased efficiency and environmental protection, and continuously seeking a way to attain a win-win situation for environmental protection and increased efficiency.


Company Product

Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing produces different Kraft Liners, Corrugated Liners, Coated White Liners etc. for various packaging needs.

Containerboard products

Kraft linerboard、Corrugating Liner、Kraft linerboard、Test Linerboard、Super High Strength ...


White Lined Chipboard

High Quality WLC、Environment Friendly White Linerboard Coated


Pulp products

Dissolved Pulp、Unbleached Bamboo Kraft Pulp、Bleached bamboo Kraft Pulp


Toilet roll products

“Bamboo Plus” unbleached paper、“PUZ “unbleached paper、“Soft Delicate” toilet roll


Investment & Base

The group currently has 5 paper mills , 3 tissue mills and 1 pulp factory in China. They are distributed in Zhongtang Town ,Dongguan city and Hongmei Towns , Dongguan city , Changshu city , Yongchuan town Chongqing city , the group also has production bases in Vietnam, Malaysia and other countries. We also have raw material purchasing centres in USA and Europe, as well as offices in Hong Kong and Macau.With a total floor area of 12,102 mu , the plants are equipped with steam-electric power stations with a total installed capacity of O/S 884MW, as well as sewage treatment facilities that can treat O/S 480,000 tons of wastewater every day. We also employ around 11,000 personnel.