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Dissolved Pulp

Description: Based on BBKP, Pre-hydrolysed. One of fine natural fiber.

Product features:Nice permeability, bactericidal activity and deodorization after treating.

Category:Pulp products

Weight:800*600*500 Unit:mm

Usage:Viscoce chemical fiber, bamboo fiber, glass paper, acetate fiber, refined rayon etc.

agileits w3layouts
agileits w3layouts

Super High Strength Kraft Linerboard

Description:Made with BUKP and OCC pulp. Multi-layers, of which the top layer is colored BUKP. Surface sizing treated. High physical properties

Category:Containerboard products

Weight:126g/m² ~ 337g/m²

Usage:Mainly for all kinds of high quality paperboard. Cartons for electronic products, graphic carton, paper bag, file box etc.

Coated Duplex Board Products

Coated Duplex Board AAA

Coated Duplex Board AA

Coated Duplex Board Products

Coated Duplex Board AAA Coated Duplex Board AA

Coated Duplex Board AAA

Description:Made with ONP and BBKP, gray bottom, white top, top surface coated with various chemical material, bright and smooth top layer.

Category:Coated Duplex Board

Weight:170g/㎡---450 g/㎡

Usage:Widely used for graphic carton, color card printing, offset printing. Packaging of commodity, household appliances, IT products, medicine/health care products, food, toys, gifts, ceramic products, stationery, beverage etc.

agileits w3layouts
agileits w3layouts

“Bamboo Plus” unbleached paper

Description:A safe and healthy product that is unbleached and free of fluorescent whitening agents or materials harmful for the body (such as dioxin). Quality assured paper made of fresh, organic bamboo materials grown with zero pesticide and no chemical fertilisers. Fully automatic equipment with zero human contact to ensure hygiene and safety. Lee & Man craftsmanship ensures that no bamboo-kun is damaged to maintain the natural antibacterial properties.

Category:facial tissue, toilet rolls, paper handkerchiefs, etc.

Raw materials:natural virgin bamboo pulp

Application:Baby care, menstruation, facial, sensitive skin, table, kitchen, etc.

bambool plus