Lee & Man Original Colour

Lee & Man Original Colour

At Lee & Man, we breathed life into our idea based on the pursuit of excellence in the making of our bamboo fibre paper.

We have successfully positioned ourselves as an established brand in the market and have been encouraged by our customers' recognition of our brand.

Nevertheless our road ahead is full of challenges. With the extremely high levels of productivity in bamboo paper manufacturing and the unprecedented speed of market growth, we are faced with thinning margins. We are also confronted with competition from the industry's biggest players who have started tapping into the market.

Convinced by the power of teamwork, together we have generated a strategic initiative to strengthen our brand image.

In view of the fierce competition and risks, our aim is to achieve effective brand identification of "Lee & Man Original Colour" by making use of a standardized logo. This has been designed to embody the value of original colour bamboo fibre as well as the various product certifications reflecting our product quality.

Function of the Logo

The logo of “Lee & Man Original Colour” comprises a main logo and a sub-logo, both of which are used to enable our customers to identify whether a product has been made from high-quality Original Colour Paper supplied by Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Limited.

The main logo is positioned prominently on the package so that our customers can quickly identify whether the product is of premium quality.

The sub-logo is positioned in the blank space of the product package as an additional indication of the internationally acclaimed certifications of the product.

The certification symbol of Lee & Man Original Colour is used to guarantee the optimum quality of the original paper brand.

Through the recognition of the Lee & Man Original Colour logos, our customers will be able to identify the premium quality of our brand’s products.

Main Logo Design


A design rich in Chinese flavour in the form of a Chinese seal that symbolizes profound cultural foundation, indicative of Lee & Man's corporate culture developed over forty years and its role as one of the top 10 paper manufacturing companies in the world.


Selected the unique Chinese seal form, with profound cultural heritage, to show the 40 years of establishment of liwen paper enterprise culture, the world's top 10 paper enterprises.


As one of the “Four Gentlemen” in Chinese culture, it is an incarnation of the virtues corresponding to the image of Justice of the Peace of Hong Kong. Lee & Man Paper plays a leading role in the bamboo pulp industry and has created the logo as an icon for the industry. The Chinese seal and bamboo both have a very long history in Chinese culture and the two symbols complement each other.


The colour of ecology and environmental friendliness which expresses Lee & Man's vision for a greener planet by replacing the use of trees with bamboo in paper-making.

Lee & Man Original Colour,It's more than just a certification of products made of natural paper. For consumers, it's not just a sign, it's a recognition of a new product. For the industry, it is not only a symbol, but also an accurate and powerful sword to re-establish the industry benchmark.
We have excellent product power and brand power of the logo of liwen alliance, and create infinite possibilities for high premium of your products in both ways!

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Design of the Sub-Logo


Lee & Man Paper has received numerous certifications in the industry. Lee & Man Paper also enables our clients to enjoy the added value provided by the various product certifications.


A standardized representation is used to produce brand association for customers to reinforce their association of the logo with the certifications obtained.


A colour representing environmental protection and a heathy lifestyle which are the values promoted by Lee & Man Original Colour and which correspond to the main logo.

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