Concept of environmental protection

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Environmental protection is a corporate responsibility and a lifeline of an enterprise

Environmental protection is a corporate responsibility and a lifeline of an enterprise! Environmental protection is a premise for the existence and development of an enterprise. The performance in environmental protection work not only affects the corporate image but also affects the existence and development of an enterprise. An enterprise can lead a way to sustainable development only by protecting the environment. Against this background, we place equal emphasis on increased efficiency and environmental protection, and continuously seeking a way to attain a win-win situation for environmental protection and increased efficiency.

Since the founding of Lee & Man, we have followed the founding principles of placing equal emphasis on maintaining efficient operation and protecting the environment. We insist on the concept of scientific development. We focus on strengthening the management of environmental protection scheme and increasing the reduction of emissions, and endeavour to deliver practically effective goals in order to actualize sustainable development for the enterprise. In order to fortify our energy saving and environmental protection work, Lee & Man has made tremendous investment in acquiring advanced treatment technologies to ensure our emissions of “three wastes” do not exceed standards and requirements, in order to cast minimum impact on the environment.

Advanced sewage treatment facilities

Lee & Man adopts the integrated technology of ‎coagulating sedimentation materialized pretreatment, and ‎anaerobic, aerobic and three-depths integrated treatment. The treatment technology and facilities are of internationally advanced standard. The sewage volume and stability of sewage emission are maintained at a stable level, and major pollutants such as CODcr, NH3-N, SS do not exceed the emission limits for pulp and paper manufacturing enterprises of GB3544-2008 “Sewage Emission Standards for Pulp and Paper Manufacturing Industries”, and also fulfil the Class I standard requirements of the second time period of DB44/26-2001 Guangdong Standard “Discharge Limits of Water Pollutants”. Over 80% of the water consumed in production is recycled, sewage emission per ton of paper is as low as 10m3/t. Sewage treatment stations are installed with water recycling plants to increase the volume of recycled waste water and to reduce the consumption of water resources. At the same time, the sewage facilities are installed with automatic programmable logic controller system, and online monitoring system to monitor the sewage emission which facilitates uniform management.

In addition, for the sludge and biogas generated from the treatment process of sewage, Lee & Man pursues reasonable development, recycling and reuse. Fully automatic ‎diaphragm frame filter press technology is used to reduce the water content of sewage to under 50%. The pressed and dehydrated sludge is transported to the thermal power plant for incineration so as to reduce solid wastes. The biogas generated from the anaerobic sewage treatment station is collected and transported to the thermal boiler for co-firing which can greatly reduce fuel coal to attain safe and economic recycling of exhaust.

High-efficient Shallow Air Flotation

Water Recycling Plant

Biogas Regulator Chamber

Exhaust treatment

The boilers of our company’s thermal power plant is installed with dust filter system and desulphurization devices which use dust collector bags, calcium spraying inside the boiler and limestone gypsum FGD system outside the boiler for satisfactory dust removal and desulphurization effects. At present, the dust and smoke removal rate can exceed 99.9%, while the desulphurization rate is above 90%. The thermal power plant of Lee & Man uses environmentally friendly types of circulating fluidized bed boiler, which can effectively incinerate various types of coal. The boiler’s burning temperature is lower than coal-dust furnace, therefore producing a lower level of NOx, and the newly added SNCR denitration facility can effectively remove NOx boiler exhaust, so that the emission is of way better quality than environmental protection requirements.

Online monitoring devices which have passed acceptance check is installed for exhaust emission of boilers in the power plant, and are linked online to the Dongguan Environmental Protection Bureau for real-time monitoring by the environment monitoring department.

Dust Collector Bag

Desulphurization Absorber

Gas Emission Monitoring System

Solid waste treatment

The wastes produced by our company are mostly incinerated, the energy generated by the omnibus-flow fluidized bed bottom ash cooler is used in paper production to increase recycling and reduce energy consumption during the production process. Besides, with an aim to increasing the rate of integrated use of solid wastes, light slag, coal ash and pulp are sold to external parties for integrated use. In the sewage treatment station, the dehydrated and filter-pressed sludge is processed by an appointed party in part while the rest is incinerated in the power plant. Dangerous wastes such as batteries, fluorescent tubes and gasoline cans are recycled and treated by appointing a qualified unit to ensure they are handled in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Our company uses low noise facilities and products as far as possible in our pulp-making production line and thermal power station, for noisy facilities we adopt noise barriers and noise reduction facilities. For ventilation and exhaust emission facilities, noise silencers have been installed to minimise the impact of noise pollution. There is a noise-isolation chamber in the pulp-making manufacturing plant where workers can operate in an environment with low noise level. At the same time, we have increased the planting of vegetation plant cover which serves to reduce the spread of noise and to purify the air.

Cinder Tank & Pulverised Fuel Ash Factory

Energy-saving and low consumption production process

Our company actively develops energy-saving and low consumption measures and endeavours to lower energy consumption during our production process. We implement energy-saving and low consumption notions in each and every step in our production process, including the acquisition of the appropriate types of paper-making machinery, and alteration of the energy-consumption facilities. We minimize reactive power loss through such energy-saving techniques and measures as inspection on energy efficiency, we widely promote the use of frequency control, high pressure compensation, and harmonic suppression. At the same time, we have established an effective energy measuring, monitoring, surveying and fixed assessment system. We have also set up corresponding energy management positions to implement strict management and reliable, accurate quantifying of energy input and output from our manufacturing plant and production system, and energy consumption of non-productive systems. The company promotes and implements various energy-saving and low consumption measures to optimally minimize the impact of industrial energy consumption on the environment, and to actualize a win-win measure to economize while achieving environmental friendliness which gained recognition by the state energy-saving and emission-reduction assessment team.

Environmental protection awards and certifications

In recent years, our company has gained a number of honours including the “Guangdong Province Clean Production Enterprise”, “Guangdong Province High-tech Enterprise”, “Guangdong Province Advanced Energy Saving Unit”, “Dongguan City Environmentally Friendly Enterprise”, “Guangdong Province Environmentally Trustworthy (Green Label) Enterprise” and “Guangdong-Hong Kong Cleaner Production Partner”.

Lee & Man uses a significant amount of recycled paper as raw materials for its products, the rate of waste paper used exceeds 90%, and internationally speaking, Lee & Man is the paper manufacturing enterprise which uses the largest proportion of waste paper. In addition, our production process strictly adheres to the requirements of internationally recognized management systems in terms of quality perfection, energy saving, cleanliness and environmental friendliness, production safety; and passed the compliance audit for ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, QC080000:2017, ISO45001:2018, and forest management system and gained necessary certification.