Company Benefits

Free medical care

For general illnesses, employees will receive free medical care with the employee card.


Lee & Man will arrange free transportation to the city for employees twice a week and on public holidays.

Family card

Employees eligible for occupation of a double room can apply to live with parents, spouse and children.

Recreation room

Internet cafe, gym, chess room, table tennis room, badminton court.


There are more than 2000 books. (including magazines, newspaper etc.).

Social insurance and housing fund

Lee & Man will pay social insurance and housing fund for employees according to the provisions.

Other Welfare

Bailout fund

Employees who have worked in Lee & Man for over one year can apply for the bailout fund if their immediate family (grandfather, grandmother, father, mother, child or spouse) suffers from a critical illness or family major disaster.

Education for employees’ children

Immediate family (child or sibling) of employees who have worked in Lee & Man for over one year can apply for free admittance to the South China University of Technology or Guangxi University. Successful applicants will be provided with 500 yuan monthly living expenses for the duration of their studies, and will be employed by Lee and Man after graduation.

Birthday party

In order to express love to company employees, let employees feel warm happy and harmonious of Lee&Man, inspire employees love , devotion, enthusiasm for Lee&Man, enhance staff's sense of belonging, a sense of pride.Under the support of the leadership of the board at the top and operations management, since August 2012, held several times in succession staff birthday party, in June 2013, has more than 2800 employees collective birthday, the birthday employees respond well.At the party, birthday staff not only to take opportunities to lucky draw, refrigerators, washing machines, rice cookers and other awards, there are many types of games show interaction, sharing the birthday cake makes employees feel more warm and cordial, every gift is worthy of cherish memories.

Cultural recreation life

1)"Lee & Man"newspaper

2)The newspaper is published every six months, which is rich in content. And the manuscript comes from the companies of Lee & Man.

Cultural recreation activities

1)Regularly organizes various cultural recreational activities, such as the program of "May Day", "Youth Day", "the Mid-Autumn Festival", "Spring Festival".

2)At the special festivals such (ex. Spring Festival), Lee & Man will arrange dinner and lucky draw for the staff.

3)Every Christmas, Lee & Man provide the in-service clerical employees with Festival expenditure.