Company Benefits

Company shuttle bus

In order to further enhance the happiness and satisfaction of employees, the company arranged multiple exclusive shuttle buses for commuting between the company and urban areas, meeting the commuting and living needs of employees to the greatest extent, and providing comfortable, convenient, and safe transportation solutions for employees.

Infirmary services

There is a clinic that provides free health diagnosis and treatment services to employees. If employees suffer from general diseases, they can bring their factory certificate to the clinic to receive free medication and treatment. Regularly carry out health examination activities to further improve the health level of employees.

Recreational facilities

It has a library with a strong aroma of books, a gym to keep fit, a dynamic and spacious basketball court, table tennis room, etc., and a small park surrounded by green trees to meet the demands of employees in learning, living and entertainment to the greatest extent.

Family care

Employees who meet the accommodation conditions for two or more people can apply for parents, spouses, and children to stay.

Purchase social insurance and housing provident fund

After joining the company, the company will purchase social insurance and housing provident fund for employees according to regulations.

Other benefits

Catering subsidies

The treasure canteen to satisfy the taste buds, with a bowl of rice, two or three side dishes, and a bowl of hot soup, it is enough to make people happy, warm up their bodies, hearts, and stomachs. Eating well is the only way to have the motivation of continues striving.

Provide accommodation

The living facilities are complete, and each dormitory is equipped with independent toilets, tables, lockers, air conditioning, water heater and other facilities.

The Assistance Fund

The company adheres to the concept of "emergency assistance" and has established Lee & Man assistance fund to provide assistance to those served more than one year employees and their family members (grandparents, fathers, mothers, children, or spouses) who have experienced financial difficulties due to disasters or major changes in their families. Adhere to the principle of "rescuing the emergency but not the poor", the company will provide practical assistance according to the applicant's situation, and strive to bring tangible care and assistance to the employees and their families.

Birthday benefits

To express the company's care for employees, let them feel the warmth of Lee & Man group and enhance their sense of belonging and pride, with the support from managements, the company distributes birthday benefits to employees regularly. In addition to refrigerator, washing machine, rice cooker and other awards, birthday employees also enjoy various forms of birthday benefits such as game program interaction, birthday cake sharing and birthday souvenirs receiving.

Cultural and recreational activities

1)Regularly organize cultural and entertainment activities with various themes, such as spring tea, Mid-Autumn Festival, Spring Festival Gala, sports meeting, employee tourism, etc.;

2)Arrange all employees to dine together and draw prizes during special holidays such as the Spring Festival;

3)During the traditional holidays, the company provides employees free holiday benefits;

4)Every six months, a "Lee & Man style" newspaper will be published to share the group's honor information; regularly hold essay competitions, gather the wisdom of employees, create a positive and upward cultural atmosphere, and further promote the construction of corporate culture.