Staff Activities

Spring Festival Banquet

Every Spring Festival, Lee & Man Group and its subsidiaries will invite all employees to gather together and hold a grand and enthusiastic spring festival banquet, singing a harmonious new movement together, drawing a bright future, and contributing to the grand event. The entire banquet was held in an orderly manner during the exciting performance and prize drawing process, with employees enjoying the food and enjoying themselves. Among them, the lottery segment brought the entire banquet to a climax, and the event came to a perfect end amidst everyone's laughter.

Caring for the Environment & Tree Planting Activity

Lee & Man Paper has always taken the protection of ecological environment as the premise for the survival and development of the enterprise, and tries to fulfill its social responsibility, strengthens environmental protection management, as well as achieves sustainable development of the enterprise. On the occasion of Tree Planting Day, Lee & Man Group organized employees to carry out tree planting activities.The employees who participated on-site were enthusiastic and full of energy. They are divided into groups of three or five and collaborate with each other, digging holes, supporting seedlings, filling soil, watering, and doing every step carefully and meticulously. In the future, Lee & Man Group will still adhere to the principle of placing equal emphasis on production, operation, and environmental protection, continuously exploring a win-win path of environmental protection and efficiency enhancement, constantly advancing on the path of protecting the ecological environment, and jointly building a happy and beautiful home!

Rekindle the Long March of the Red Army and never forget the path of the revolution

Take the path of revolution again, listen to revolutionary teachings, remember revolutionary martyrs, never forget your original intention, and always remember your mission! On the eve of the Party Building Day, our company and our staff paid a visit to the Memorial Hall of Battle of Chishui River in Guizhou to review the glorious history of the Party. The years of war have passed, but the spirit of revolution will always be remembered in our hearts. We will never forget any of the Communist Party members who sacrificed their lives for the great cause of the Chinese revolution. The spiritual wealth they left behind will inspire us to move forward bravely and embark on a new journey under the shining party emblem.

Held a gala to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC & Lee & Man Paper’s celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day

Coinciding with the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, Lee & Man Group and its subsidiaries held a gala to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC and at the same time celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival as well as the National Day. Employees gathered together, laughing and cheering, wishing the Mid-Autumn Festival and celebrating the National Day together. The live singing is bright, the dance is beautiful, and the instrumental music is melodious. The audience is so enthusiastic, accompanied by slogans, whistles, and percussion sticks, with a magnificent atmosphere. The entire activity center has become a joyful ocean. The wonderful evening party is not only demonstrated Lee & Man Paper's spirit of unity and progress, but also fully demonstrated the talent and style of the company's employees. The hosting of this evening party has made everyone feel the warmth of the "big family" of Lee & Man Group, and the joy of the festival, thereby further enhancing the cohesion and sense of belonging of the company's employees.

Christmas activities

On the eve of Christmas, Lee & Man Group and its subsidiaries welcome the arrival of Christmas with colorful programs and activities such as eating around meals, singing, grabbing red envelopes, drawing big prizes, and receiving gifts. Various departments carried out various forms of performances and received continuous applause from everyone. There are various games throughout the activity, and colleagues actively participate. Everyone has gained a lot. Finally, let's take a Christmas dinner photo to capture this unforgettable happy time.

Promote the spirit of national table tennis and show the style of Lee & Man

In order to enrich the spare time life of employees and strengthen the communication between departments, all branches of Lee & Man organize the "Lee & Man Cup" table tennis match regularly. The wonderful events earn a lot of praise from the audience. The valiant appearance of " Lee & Man Girls" also become a beautiful scenery. After the hot competition, with the strong support and cooperation of the participating staff, the table tennis competition has achieved a complete success.Table tennis competitions make the employees show their personal strengths, compete their skills, carry forward the spirit of sports and promote the development of the company's corporate culture.

Badminton competition

In order to further enrich the amateur cultural life of staff, build an interactive communication platform, and create a harmonious corporate culture atmosphere, our company organized the "Lee & Man Cup" badminton competition. The atmosphere of the field is in full swing and the players are in high spirits. Sometimes they uses net interception, sometimes they break a thousand catties and sometimes they do vigorously buckle, the superb skills of the employees lead the whole game to a climax stack. The competition fully demonstrated the spirit of the employees fighting hard and striving for the top, created a positive and healthy way of life, mobilized the participation of the employees, and better promoted the construction of the company's corporate culture.

Basketball Competition

To enrich employees' leisure life, enhance their physical fitness, and strengthen cooperation and communication between departments, the “Lee & Man Paper Workers' Basketball Tournament” has kicked off. All departments have responded positively to the competition and players from each team have demonstrated strong combat power and tenacious willpower. The exciting game has also attracted many employees' families to watch.

The football match was successfully held

In order to fully demonstrate the competitive spirit and positive spirit of Lee & Man's employees and continuously promote the sport of football, Lee & Man Group has carried out exciting and unparalleled football matches. Before the matches, employees actively participated, and they sweated heartily on the field, perfectly cooperating with the team member, and winning bursts of applause! Through this football match, it fully reflects the fruitful achievements of corporate culture construction and the spirit of employees.

Tug of war gathers people's hearts, competition ignites passion

To further enrich employees' leisure lives and create a colorful and vibrant corporate culture atmosphere, Lee & Man Group held an exciting tug of war competition. Throughout the competition, cheerleading teams from various departments were also essential elements, making the atmosphere of the tug of war more joyful. This tug of war competition has enhanced the emotional exchange between colleagues in different departments, and has a positive significance in improving the collective sense of honor, cohesion, centripetal force of solidarity and cooperation of employees.

Health Month Activity

With the rise of temperature, the health awareness of the staff of Lee & Man has also gradually increased. Lee & Man group regularly organizes health knowledge lectures in each branch company, and invites the hospital chief physician to talk about the causes, prevention and treatment of hypertension, cardio cerebral vascular disease, heatstroke and other diseases in details. The classroom is packed, and some employees willing to stand for listening or simply record the lecture on their phones to learn more about health knowledge.

Provide mental health training for employees

Lee & Man group not only focuses on the physical health of employees, but also pays more attention to their psychological health. To enable employees’ understanding of their psychological and emotional status, and further improve work efficiency, our company regularly organizes mental health training activities, helping employees to learn some knowledge about psychology and communication skills, understand their inner world, clearly understand personality categories and defects, learn how to effectively control their emotions, and communicate more actively with family, colleagues, and children.

Diversified activities to enrich the holiday life of employees staying at the factory

As the Spring Festival approaches, Lee & Man group and its subsidiaries have carried out fun garden activities in the employee living area. The activity provides a platform for employees and their families who stay in the living area for the Chinese New Year to enhance neighborhood relationships and activate the festive atmosphere. Through the garden activities, everyone expressed their gratitude to the company for providing them the opportunity to feel the lively atmosphere of the Chinese New Year outside their hometown.

Employee's birthday party

To enhance communication and understanding among employees, make them truly feel the warmth and care of the company, Lee & Man group regularly holds birthday parties for employees. Accompanied by joyful music, birthday stars gradually entered the birthday party venue. After dressing up, the birthday party scene was filled with a lively and joyful atmosphere. Regular employee birthday parties not only enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life, but also provide a good communication and mutual assistance platform for employees!

Ten Year Management Service Gold Medal Awarding Ceremony

Every year, Lee & Man group and its subsidiaries hold a simple but grand ten-year management service gold medal awarding ceremony. The managements of each subsidiary issue gold medals and certificates to employees from various departments who have served the company for ten years continuously. At the same time, the responsible persons of each branch, on behalf of Lee & Man group, extend sincere gratitude to the employees who received the recognition, acknowledging their work achievements and contributions over the past decade.

Organize employees’ travelling activities

In order to broaden employees' horizons, stimulate their enthusiasm for life and work, and promote communication and exchange between departments as well as enriching employees' leisure cultural and entertainment life, our company organizes employees to travel to Hong Kong, Sanya and other places. During the trip, employees experienced the beautiful scenery, enjoyed the delicious food, relieved fatigue, and enjoyed the warmth of the company family.