Investment & Base

Best Eternity Recycle Technology Sdn. Bhd.

Date Of Establishment:

Plant Area:

Wet slurry: Phase I of PB10 and PB11
Packaging paper:PM23+PM25 Phase II, PM26+PM27 Phase III

Annual Capacity:
800,000 tons of wet slurry
1.4 million tons of packaging paper

Supporting Facilities:
4 wet paper pulp, 4 kraft paper production lines;
Phase I: 22.5MW substation, Phase II: 2 *30MW gas turbine generator unit+140 ton TTP boiler+30MW steam turbine generator unit, Phase III: 260 ton multi fuel boiler+50MW steam turbine generator unit (planned);
Sewage treatment station can treat
45,000 tons of wastewater everyday.