Pooling Love to Fight Against the Epidemic —— Lee & Man Paper Supports Frontline Fighters Against COVID-19

In the spring of 2020, a war against COVID-19 started in China. Frontline medical workers fight against COVID-19 bravely to save lives, despite the danger. Public-spirted enterprises take action and respond immediately to make contribution to the war against COVID-19. Recently, Lee & Man Paper branches have donated money, tissue, disinfectant and other materials in short supply to the forefront of epidemic prevention and control in Hubei, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Hainan, etc., to fight the epidemic with action.

Chairman Lee Man Chun Raymond attends a ceremony for donations to Hong Kong’s community organizations

Going to the Forefront, Overcoming Difficulties Together

As a Top 500 Chinese Enterprise and one of the world’s top ten papermakers, Lee & Man Paper has actively responded to the call of the state in the face of the outbreak. Making best use of its cross-border raw material procurement center, production bases across China, six company-owned 10,000t wharfs, complete set of logistics solutions and world-leading raw paper production equipment, Lee & Man Paper responded immediately and donated ¥5.5 million to various provinces through domestic branches. In addition, considering the actual needs in the forefront of epidemic prevention and control, the company quickly developed a scientific donation program of “tissue + roll paper + disinfectant, protective articles”. Goods worth ¥7.7 million have been donated, including supplies purchased overseas and the company’s flagship product "natural color bamboo tissue", etc. The company’s logistic force was mobilized urgently to send the donations to the forefront in Hubei, Guangdong, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Chongqing, Hainan and so on from Feb. 1, providing timely help for fighting COVID-19 and supporting epidemic prevention and control with concrete actions.

Lee & Man Paper Chairman Lee Man Chun Raymond coordinates materials in a warehouse

Chairman of Lee and Man Paper, Lee Man Chun Raymond says it is an entrepreneur’s duty to make good use of personal and corporate resources to donate to those in need, especially frontline medical workers. As a Hong Kong entrepreneur, Dr. Lee hopes to contribute to society during the difficult period of fighting against the epidemic.

Virus Prevention and Control, Production Resumption

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Lee & Man Paper and its branches set up a working group on epidemic prevention and control right away. The company has implemented strict control measures. Before entering the factory, every employee must complete the “prescribed processes” such as putting on a mask, taking temperature, disinfecting the whole body and filling in the health information form. The company puts the safety and health of employees in the first place. On the premise of scientific and standard epidemic prevention and control, production resumption is resumed in an orderly way.

Lee & Man Paper donates ¥2 million to Chongqing Municipal Government

Guangdong Lee & Man Paper donates materials

Takeover ceremony for donations to Haikou of Hainan

As an environment-friendly enterprise that has earned the organic certifications from multiple authorities around the world, Lee & Man Paper sticks to its mission to produce “organic, healthy, safe” products and insists on sustainable development by using bamboo instead of wood. Its two tissue brands “Lee & Man” and “Hanky” make full use of the natural antibacterial function of the natural antibacterial substance “bamboo-kun” in bamboo. Natural color bamboo tissue doesn’t go through the bleaching process, so it’s good for environment and human health. In order to ensure the supply of necessities of life such as tissue and toilet paper, Lee & Man Paper is united as one. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, the company has gradually resumed production in strict accordance with the local government’s deployments, strictly controlling product quality and safety and maximizing production capacity, to ensure the supply of tissue and toilet paper needed in epidemic prevention and control and daily life.

Lee & Man Paper is on the Move

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